Water Treatment System

Filtration System

Various Chemical Dosing Systems are provided by Aquamech,

  • Chlorine Dosing
  • Acid Dosing
  • Antiscalent Dosing System
  • SMBS Dosing systems
  • Morpholine Dosing System
  • Ozonators


Ultrafiltration System

The Ultra filtration unit includes Hollow Fiber 100 KD Membranes; Product Water Tank & Piping, on a skid-mounted system. The main objective of Ultra filtration is to removes SDI causing particles in the process and it will also remove Bacteria, viruses, colloidal silica, fine sand etc. Thus reducing the SDI of the water to less than 3. Feeding water having SDI 3 will increases the efficiency of Reverse Osmosis Unit and eliminate the chances of membrane choking. Fast flushing and back flushing needs to be done very hour for a minute automatically with the filtered water/UF permeate water resp. The UF system works typically on 90% recovery with the filtered water and 10% is the reject The system can be chemically sanitized with H2O2 or NaOCl through feed cum CIP tank.



In Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, pressure is continuously applied to the feed stream by means of a high-pressure pump. Feed stream gets divided into a 'permeate' stream-low in dissolved salt and brine (or reject) stream very high in dissolved salts content. Dissolved salts rejected by the membrane are continuously flushed from the system viz. brine stream. The filtered water from Micron Cartridge Filter shall be pumped by means of high- pressure pump through the Membrane assembly, where under high pressure process of reverse osmosis takes place and dissolved impurities are reduced.


Demineralization Plant

  • The INDION Automatic DM Plant has been designed to provide Compact skid mounted system.
  • The Indion swift plus features an additional cation exchange stage which is accommodated on the standard swift skid.
  • As a result, the swift plus produces mixed bed quality water having a resistivity of always greater than 1 mg. ohm-cm for minimum capital outlay.
  • Operation control by PLC


Waste Water Treatment

  • The waste generated in the form of effluents or liquid by industrial & domestic areas are treated by various technologies to obtain the water quality for application of reuse the treated effluents.
  • We design the process or scheme on detail study of effluents to perfectly design a solution to treat any effluent
  • We had Recently installed ETP for a reputed MNC engine manufacturing company Perkins Aurangabad