The Ultrafiltration (UF) unit is low-pressure technology consisting of Hollow Fiber 100 KD Membranes; Product Water Tank & Piping & Back Flush pump auto valves, on a skid-mounted system.

The main objective of Ultrafiltration is to remove Silt Density Index (SDI) Bacteria, Viruses, Colloidal Silica, Fine Sand, etc. pore size of water to < 3 at the outlet of UF.

Feeding water having SDI 3 will increases the efficiency of the Reverse Osmosis Unit by increasing flow per square meter of membrane area and eliminate the chances of membrane choking.

Backflushing needs to be done periodically for a minute automatically with the filtered water/UF permeate water resp.

The UF system works typically on 90% recovery with the filtered water and 10% is the reject. The system can be cleaned with a chemical enhanced backwash using HCL, NaOH, and NaOCL.

  • Ultrafiltration in the pre-treatment for removal of colloidal silica & micron suspended solids to RO feed & to ensure SDI < 3.0
  • This minimizes the fouling of RO by particulates and other suspended impurities.
  • Our UF system works at a "Recovery" of 90%