Industrial RO Plant


In Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, pressure is continuously applied to the feed stream using a high-pressure pump. The feed stream gets divided into a 'permeate' stream-low in dissolved salt and brine (or reject) stream very high in dissolved salts content.

Dissolved salts rejected by the membrane are continuously flushed from the system viz. brine stream. The filtered water from Micron Cartridge Filter shall be pumped using high- pressure pump through the Membrane assembly, where under the high-pressure process of reverse osmosis takes place and dissolved impurities are reduced.

  • Compact system
  • Fully automatic
  • Recovery can vary from 30-80% depending on raw water analysis & also the capacity of the plant.

As pre-treatment to RO post disinfection, filtration & dichlorination following dosing’s are recommended



The water was dosed online with sodium Metabisulfite dosing for neutralizing the free chlorine present in water. Online ORP analyzer would give the details of the traces of free chlorine if any present in water and would dump the water if any traces found.

SMBS dosing unit consists of an SMBS dosing pump, SMBS solution tank with standard accessories. Before water enters RO membranes all oxidizing agents from the water must be removed. SMBS is a reducing agent which removes chlorine traces which is left after UF.


This dosing system is provided to take care of bicarbonates present in water & prevent the Scale formation on the membrane & reduce the Langelier slit index. Dosing will be done using an electronic metering pump. Antiscalant dosing unit consists of a dosing pump, solution tank, and standard accessories.


Antiscalant is dosed in the feed of the Reverse Osmosis to keep the hardness causing salts in suspension and to avoid precipitation of salts at high pressures. The dosing is done with the help of the dosing tank and dosing pump.

This dosing system is provided to control the scaling of the RO membrane due to the high amount of hardness & silica in raw water. Dosing will be done using an electronic metering pump. Antiscalant dosing unit consists of Antiscalent dosing pump and Antiscalent solution tank.