Hipurity Water System

Aquamech HiPurity Systems with its experience in pharmaceuticals deliver for

  • Purified Water (PW) Generation, Storage & Distribution
  • Water for Injection (WFI) storage & distribution system,
  • Pure steam distribution system & POU Heat Exchanger
  • Clean utilities piping/Process piping
  • Solvent Transfer system
  • This Distribution system to the Pharma, Healthcare & Cosmetics industries that have based their quality standards such as USFDA, MCAUK, MHRA, WHO
  • Vapor Compression Distillation Plant
  • Multicolumn Distillation Plants
  • Pure Steam Generators



RO-EDI system is one of the technologies widely accepted for Generation of Highly Purified water for pharma applications, Cosmetic & Healthcare, Biotechnology, and Food & Beverages Industry.


Hipurity Water Storage and Distribution

Aquamech Hipurity Water Storage & Distribution Systems are designed to store the water from generation system and then distribute PW and WFI water to various user points maintaining the water quality as per USP/WHO/IP/MHRA etc.



Clean Utilities Piping Including Purified Water, Water For Injection , Clean Steam, Process Air & Process Transfer Lines


Solvent Transfer Systems

  • Custom made solvent transfer system looking at OSD & API industries
  • We give complete end to end solution, right from unloading of solvent to drums & from the drums to the dispensing tank to the user points
  • The system is completely automatic
  • PLC based panel provided with SCADA CFR 21 Part 11
  • These systems are working successfully at our customer base